Recruiting technical specialists

Scout4Skills supplements your previous recruiting portfolio by focussing on access to the German recruitment market, as well as recruiting locations in the EU, and, if desired, will take care of all the work required for the onboarding process of employees by means of a professional relocation service


We specialise in recruiting engineering & IT specialists. Due to a lack of specialist workers in Germany, we not only focus on the German market, but also on European and international ones. In doing so, we use our many years of experience to test the suitability of applicants by using a scientifically-based selection process in order to increase the accuracy of the fit of their soft skills according to your job specifications, thus minimising the risk of employing the wrong person.


By using a professional relocation service, we take care of all tasks that form part of the onboarding process for your new employees, which takes up a considerable amount of time for all those involved, especially when it comes to international candidates from the EU and third countries.  We take on challenges such as acquiring visas and work permits, travel management, searching for accommodation, and dealing with authorities, so that our clients and candidates can fully concentrate on their core business.

Development of managerial staff

The teams in companies are becoming more and more international. Due to different cultures and approaches, managerial staff are increasingly faced with major challenges in coping with their daily tasks. Through targeted coaching and advice on integration, we support your managers and thus ensure maximum performance of the team.

Your recruiting partner that focusses on engineering and IT

Do you not want to hire just any old candidate for your engineering & IT vacancy, but the best specialist that best suits your job specifications?  In that case, you will have to look beyond regional borders in times when skilled workers are hard to find and in times of globalisation. Scout4Skills focusses not only on professionals from the national market, but also on the entire EU region and third countries. In addition to the qualifications that are required, we also focus on the personality, i.e., does the applicant fit into your team and do his or her values match those of your company? Because the best hard skills provide no added value if the soft skills are not right!

A connected world

The world has become smaller as a result of globalisation, but also less transparent. So while you can recruit the right specialists for your business from all over the world, in practice, it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our international network will help you with this in a fast, competent and goal-oriented manner!

But what happens after we have found the needle in the haystack for you? We will also support you with the selection process and especially later with the onboarding of new employees and integrating them into the team. Because the procurement of necessary documents such as work permits and visas or time-consuming tasks such as dealing with authorities, organising entry into the country and searching for accommodation are much faster and cheaper to tackle with our routine.

100% successful

Our many years of experience in the field of engineering and recruiting help us to fully understand your needs. Only those who understand what is needed can cover those needs. That is why we will find exactly the right candidate for you.


We find the right people for your team

The gap between vacancies in Germany and jobseekers is getting wider and wider. That is why goal-oriented recruiting saves you time and money without wastage. In addition, your specialist departments are freed from annoying routines and thus have time for their core tasks.